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We’re making charitable giving easy and affordable for everyone through a platform that educates, engages and empowers you to make an impact in your community.

A little goes
a long way.

Micro-donations encourage more people to get involved and contribute, fostering a sense of collective responsibility and community participation. This ripple effect can inspire others to join the cause, multiplying the impact of micro-donations.



Learn about causes to support in your community in record time through short, insightful video and fundraising activities.


Donate to your favorite charities and manage your contributions like an investment portfolio, allocating funds to the causes that move you most. Learn about volunteering opportunities to further support your community.


See the impact your contribution makes, as well as the broader impact you make when you engage your network to participate.


Individual Impact tracked like an Investment, Customize your Philanthropic Portfolio and see your ROI (Return-on-Impact) with integrated data visualization tools

Nonprofit SaaS Platform

Marketing Tools:

Upload video content to convey NPO’s mission (*over 48% of videos convert to donations) Share volunteering opportunities.

Fundraising Tools:

Announce fundraising campaigns to users. Accept one-time donations or recurring microdonations with low transaction fees.

Collaboration Tools:

Leverage the ability to communicate with other NPOs. (During initial 6 months of Covid, Mergers/Acquisitions amongst NPOs rose over 2,300%)

See the ripple effect.

Generosity is contagious. When you share the opportunity to #BGiving with your network, your impact gets amplified and the ripple effect of your giving creates big change.

The food bank needs volunteers Saturday. Let’s go help!

The data is clear. Most donors are micro and small contributors, but collectively they make a huge difference.

Share the impact.

Be the impact.


Join the BGiving Revolution!

Our technology enables everyone to make a difference. Together, we can transform lives and create a better world!

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