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BGiving is a social good marketplace that will change the way your community supports each other.

About Us

At BGiving, we’re ignited by a three-decade long passion for philanthropy, inspired by first-hand experiences with NY educational nonprofits and various faith-based ministries.

 Acknowledging the challenges faced in the modern digital age, we’ve invested thousands of hours researching the pitfalls and potentials of the philanthropic landscape. Determined to “Replace the Social Dilemma with Social Impact,” we’ve pioneered a transformative social impact marketplace platform, aligning the aspirations of Millennials, GenZ’s, and the upcoming Alpha generation with the needs of community nonprofits. 

Recognizing the power of collaboration, our platform is designed to foster efficiency, transparency, and a sense of true investment in the community. With a vision to Engage, Educate & Empower, we’re set to revolutionize the community philanthropic social services sector on a global scale.

The Vision

Creating a unified platform where passion meets action, to revolutionize global philanthropy by bridging the digital generation and community nonprofits together for genuine, impactful and positive change.”

The Mission

To ‘Replace the Social Dilemma with Social Impact’, by leveraging cutting-edge technology and harnessing the drive of Millennials, GenZ’s and beyond. Our platform amplifies local voices, democratizes access to resources, and provides a transparent, curated experience. We aim to reinvigorate donor participation, spotlight local charities, and foster a culture of collaboration and advocacy within the nonprofit sector.

The Why

In a world where donor participation is waning, and 90% of U.S. donations go to the top 10% of nonprofits, we recognized a dire need. Local charities are the lifeblood of communities, yet they struggle to find a broader audience and essential support. We’re here to remedy this. By offering a platform that resonates with the digital generation’s demand for transparency and engagement, we’re fostering a new era of philanthropy where every individual can ‘Be the Change’, and every community nonprofit can share their impact stories to new audience members  and collaborate within their sector to achieve improved outcomes.

The BGiving Team

John Del Bello - CEO & Founder

Beginning his philanthropic journey in 1990, John has been deeply engaged in community services, initially where he served on Boards and participated in service programs at two leading educational and youth-at-risk organizations all the way to present day where he has been active in dozens of  community serving ministries and in 2020-21 earned his Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Management from ACC’s Center for Nonprofit Studies. Over the years, he observed the profound societal shift and the emerging challenges nonprofits faced in the digital age. Recognizing the paradox of vast technological advancement yet a decline in meaningful social connectivity and donor participation, John was driven to make a difference. Alarmed by the underutilized potential of social technology platforms to serve greater societal good, he set out to establish BGiving. With a mission to bridge the gap between the digital generation and community nonprofits, John’s vision for BGiving is to “Replace the Social Dilemma with Social Impact”, ensuring philanthropy is not just an act, but an experience of genuine, impactful change. Because anyone can Make a Difference in their community.


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