Why BGiving

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Join the BGiving movement and revolutionize how micro giving can impact your community in a BIG way.

How does BGiving work for donors?

Donors can join the app, browse community nonprofits, and make informed choices about supporting various organizations. They select a quarterly commitment level, and contributions are processed four times a year. BGiving tracks donor activity and impact, offering a transparent view of their philanthropic efforts.

What are the benefits for nonprofits using BGiving?

Nonprofits can use BGiving’s easy-to-use SaaS app to access marketing tools, fundraising and volunteer broadcasts, and share their missions through videos. The platform offers data, insights, and collaboration tools to help nonprofits drive their missions more effectively.

How does BGiving ensure more funds reach nonprofits?

BGiving prioritizes minimizing transaction fees, ensuring that 98-99% of donations reach community nonprofits, significantly higher than the average from other philanthropy apps.

Can users (donors) stay anonymous on BGiving?

Yes, users have the option to remain anonymous while using the BGiving platform.

How can users get involved in fundraisers or special events like #GivingTuesday?

Users can participate in fundraisers and events through the BGiving platform, with the assurance that a high percentage of their contributions will directly support the causes.

What is different about BGiving?

BGiving is a social impact marketplace platform that aligns the aspirations of Millennials, Gen Z, and the Alpha generation with the needs of community nonprofits. It is designed to foster efficiency, transparency, and community investment in the philanthropic social services sector.

Are there any plans for future features on BGiving?

es, future updates include enhanced messaging capabilities, deeper insights for organizations and donors, improved search functionality, and a mobile app for both iOS and Android users.

How can someone obtain receipts for their donations?

BGiving tracks all contributions, providing receipts for all donations made through the platform.

How can BGiving amplify the impact of donation dollars?

By ensuring a higher percentage of each donation reaches the intended nonprofits and by engaging a broader audience, BGiving amplifies the impact of each dollar contributed.

Can someone under 18 sign up for a BGiving account?

We encourage parents to get their kids involved in giving of time, treasure, and talent, however, in order to have an account you must connect a credit card or ACH account. 

What is the pricing?

BGiving #1 priority was to develop a unique mobile fintech app that acts as a social impact marketplace- so more money goes to the impact zone, less to transaction fees, more to the nonprofits then to operational expenses. 

Which is why our quarterly-recurring Contributions – allowing our donors to choose from various affordable commitment levels, saves them 66% of transaction fees on an annual basis. More importantly the community nonprofits receive 98-99% of donations, not the 85%-92% on avg from other philanthropy apps. 

Also when you participate in any fundraisers offered by Nonprofits, again more goes to the impact zone, on avg fundraising events can have admin fees as high as 35% to run – our platform allows 98-99% pass through, making your donation matter even more!

How do I collaborate (as a Nonprofit) with other organizations?

The collaboration between nonprofit organizations (NPOs) on the BGiving platform can be facilitated through several features and mechanisms:

  1. Shared Fundraising and Campaigns: NPOs on BGiving can join forces to create shared fundraising campaigns or events. This could involve collaborating on a project that aligns with both organizations’ missions, thereby pooling their resources and audience for greater impact.

  2. One-Click Marketing Tools: The platform provides easy-to-use marketing tools that can be utilized by NPOs to promote joint initiatives. This feature allows NPOs to efficiently communicate their collaborative efforts to their audiences and potential donors.

  3. Volunteer Broadcasts: NPOs can use the platform’s capabilities to broadcast volunteering opportunities that might require collaboration between multiple organizations. This feature can help in pooling volunteers from different NPO networks for large-scale projects or events.

  4. Sharing Mission, Impact, and Outcomes: BGiving allows NPOs to share their missions, impacts, and outcomes through short-form videos and other media. Collaborating NPOs can co-create content that showcases their joint efforts, helping them reach broader audiences and gain more support.

  5. Data and Insights Sharing: By providing key data and insights, BGiving enables NPOs to analyze their collective impact, understand donor behaviors, and refine their strategies. This data-driven approach can enhance collaboration effectiveness.

  6. Collaboration Tools for Coordination and Partnership: BGiving offers tools that facilitate coordination and partnership between NPOs. These tools might include shared calendars, project management features, and communication channels for better planning and execution of collaborative projects.

  7. Advocacy and Joint Initiatives: NPOs can partner in advocacy efforts, using BGiving as a platform to amplify their voice on social and community issues. This can be particularly effective for policy change or awareness campaigns.

  8. Community Support and Discovery: The platform encourages discovery, meaning NPOs can find and connect with other organizations serving similar causes or operating in the same geographical area, fostering a sense of community and mutual support.

  9. Future Messaging and DM Features: With planned future features like direct messaging (DM) between organizations and between donors and NPOs, the platform will further facilitate direct communication and collaboration.

What should I do if my favorite nonprofit isn't on BGiving?

BGiving is a platform for supporting local nonprofits that are between 200k and 2M in annual revenue. 

If you’d like to suggest a nonprofit to be on the platform, you can email their contact information to our team: contact@bgiving.one

As a nonprofit, are there any fees I'd need to pay to join?

JOHN: please provide the language you’d like us to use

As a nonprofit: what support does BGiving offer to help us onboard?

We’re here to help. Check out our dedicated page for nonprofits. We also offer social media, email templates, and all kinds of goodies to help you share with your network. We aim to provide a white glove experience for your team. 

Still have questions?

I you can’t find answers to your questions in our FAQ section, you can always contact us. We will get back to you shortly.

Call/Text: 512-630-0626

Email: contact@bgiving.one